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Formulating, producing and delivering top quality resinous flooring and wall systems that outperform their customer’s high expectations is the focus of each and every member of Corvixx Polymers.

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The Corvixx Polymers’ staff has 80+ years of combined industry experience in the field of high performance industrial coatings. Formulating, producing and delivering quality resinous flooring and wall systems that outperform our customer’s high expectations is the focus of each and every one of us.

With a solid foundation in production, application, installation, and chemistry, the Corvixx Polymers team have developed compounds and formulations to meet the demanding needs of facility owners for advanced flooring solutions. Corvixx Polymers products, made in the USA, are developed to reduce moisture, spalling and chemical related flooring failures while producing systems for the installer that are user-friendly, safe and reduce installation times. We aim to exceed the needs of the built environment by producing products that exceed our customer’s expectations with:

• Flooring Solutions
• Primers & Sealers
• Joint Fillers & Patching
• Performance Topcoats
• Wall Systems
• Cleaners & Additives
• Sewer Liner Epoxy System
• Foundry & Other Products



We have a wide variety of multi-purpose epoxies, including water-based epoxy. Our epoxies are used as floor coatings in the aviation, commerce, education, food and beverage, manufacturing and ecological places industries.


We have high performance urethanes that have characteristics like; high solids content, durable high gloss finish, and excellent abrasion resistance.


We have multipurpose Novolacs with excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, available in a thin mil, self-leveling, trowel-down and grout systems. They can be applied vertically and comply with ASTM C-884. Non-blushing at high humidity levels.

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