Food & Beverage

Enhance food safety and efficiency with tailored coating solutions.

Experience Safer and More Efficient Food & Beverage Operations with Custom Coating Solutions

Corvixx Polymers understands the critical importance of maintaining strict hygiene standards and operational efficiency in the food and beverage industry.

With our dedicated focus on providing top-quality resinous flooring and wall systems, we offer custom formulated solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of this industry. Our expertise in high-performance coatings enables us to deliver coatings that are resistant to chemicals, stains, and microbial growth, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.

From commercial kitchens and food processing facilities to breweries and wineries, our epoxy and urethane coatings provide exceptional durability, thermal shock resistance, and easy cleanability. Trust in Corvixx Polymers to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed industry regulations, promoting food safety, productivity, and long-term reliability in your food and beverage operations.

Food & Beverage Flooring
Food & Beverage Flooring

CCU System


Typical Application

Body Coat: CCU-300 Cementitious Urethan – (3/16″ to 1/2″ thickness)

This 3 component cementitious urethane is formulated to withstand harsh environments.

  • Slip Resistance
  • Fast Turnaround time
  • -25°F to +300°F (Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance)
  • Excellent Chemical, Abrasion and Impact Resistance
  • Seamless Finish; Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria
  • No Odor (No Shutdown Required)
  • No VOC's
  • USDA Compliant
  • Resistant to High Levels of Moisture Vapor Transmissions

Color Options

Available In:
Red, Light Gray, Tan, Dark Gray

Custom colors available upon request.

High-Build 201 System

HB-392 SL System

Typical Application

Primer: CXE-200 Epoxy Primer; 4 – 6 mils
Body Coat: CXE-201 Self-Leveling; 1/16” to 1/4” thickness
Finish Coat: CXT-403 Chemical Resistant Finish – 16 mils

  • Resin Rich Surface Helps to Resist Bacterial Growth
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Self-Leveling Floor (1/16", 1/8", or 1/4"
  • USDA Compliant
  • Meets ASTM C-884 (Thermal Compatibility with Concrete)
  • Built-In Resiliency for Thermal Shock, Abrasion and Impact Resistance
  • VOC Compliant; Low Odor and Solvent Free

Color Options

Available In:
10 Standard Colors

Custom colors available upon request.

Color Options

HB-201 Systems are available in 10 Standard Colors. Specialty Colors are available upon request.
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Dark Gray
Safety Red
Royal Blue*
Walkway Green
*Additional charges may apply for these colors.
Corvixx Polymers does not warrant that the colors printed in this brochure are actual represented colors. For best color matching results, please contact us for a color sample. Many factors can affect the appearance of color; age, sunlight and heat can impact changes in colors over time. Additionally, due to chemical composition, application methods, mixing and other factors, slight variations in color may occur at time of installation across product lines.

Food & Beverage Technical Data Sheet